Friday, January 13, 2012

The Best of Me

Okay -- quick update for anyone who still reads this!

As I was trying to finish The 19th Wife, I was given Nicholas Sparks The Best of Me for Christmas. I had been waiting to read this book for months, so I put The 19th Wife on hold.
The Best of Me is wonderful, as expected. I know that all of his books are similar (think young lovers, someone dying, happy ending) -- well, this was really no exception but still wonderful. It was very similar to his novel The Notebook in a lot of ways, yet very different in a lot of ways.

Anyway, classes have started and I know that is a poor excuse for not reading at the moment, but I'm getting back to it! I think I'm going to read 1984 next. I've had it on my bookshelf forever now.

I did get a little further in The 19th Wife -- it is still very interesting and I plan to finish it soon. If you haven't read this, I still highly recommend it!

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  1. Yes. I still read this blog! I can't believe you chose Nicholas Sparks over The 19th Wife. Sheesh! LOL. As you can see, I am NOT a fan of Nicholas Sparks, but I am glad that you are. :) Keep reading and keep me updated on 1984!

  2. I'm going with Jessica on this. Not a Sparks fan. I need to read 1984 again. Maybe I should read it with you and blog about it. I may need and English major's help to get all the nuances out of it!
    Now go read some real literature, ok?! :)

  3. Haha! I just saw these comments. I can't believe you two are hating on Mr. Sparks! I know his writing is super lame and predictable, but so tear-jerking! They're getting better, I promise! :)

  4. Well, they would really HAVE to be getting better! LOLJK.